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Do you remember when internet challenges didn’t involve you eating copious amounts of things that would kill you? They used to be innocent and possibly a huge risk to your internet security but provided a good amount of fun. With all that in mind, Rob and I present to you – our 30 Day Song Challenge.

Follow along with an updated Spotify playlist HERE.

30 day music challenge

Day One (1st March 2023)

Tom – When you start looking through your back catalogue of songs, it’s shocking how many actually feature colour. Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones, Somewhere over the Rainbow by Gene Vincent or even Fade to Black by Metallica are all top songs. It’s incredibly hard to choose from such a list but today I shall go for fun: Brown Eyed Girl – Reel Big Fish.

Rob – Not sure how I stumbled upon this one. I think its one of those tracks that appears in the credit scene of something on Netflix. Who knows. Where ever I heard it, it stuck with me, and has been a perminent feature in my Spotify playlist since: Glitter and Gold – Barns Courtney.

Day Two (2nd March 2023)

Tom – I’ve written this after seeing what Rob put and I do agree, Song 2 is most definitely an answer.. Just no my answer! Today I choose: Perfect 10 – The Beautiful South.

Rob – I’m writting this before knowing what Tom has chosen. If he has chosen anything but this track, ignore what he wrote. Delete it from your brain hole and go listen to this one. This is the only true answer: Song 2 – Blur.

Day Three (3rd March 2023)

Tom – This was a little harder as there are so many good songs that remind me of Summer. For about six months when I was 17, I became addicted to the album and this track always reminds me of walking the streets of Watford with the sun beating down on me. I’m going to go with:
Californication – Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Rob – For our 5 year wedding anniversary, the wife and I took an amazing holiday to the Maldives. And this song was released. I would sing it in the pool. Likely annoying all the other holiday makers. Stuck on a island in the middle of the ocean with this tone deaf plumb. Me, not George. Love his voice: Shotgun – George Ezra.

Day Four (4th March 2023)

Tom – This was an easy choice for me and yes, it relates to an ex. When she wanted ‘sexy time’ she would disappear off to the bedroom and crank the volume on this song before I would come in. Sorry, but I just can’t listen to: White Flag – Dido.

Rob – There are certainly people who I’ve met over time I’d rather forget, but not really a song associated with them. But this one does come with some bad memories. I loved it in my late teens, speeding around in my Fiesta. But by complete coincidence I had listened to this track and then received bad news. And this happened on multiple occasions. So it became a kind of bad luck song for me. Listen at your own risk: Can’t Contain Me – Taz.

Day Five (5th March 2023)

Tom – Oh come on now, there are so many from my library that deserve to be played loud. I guess, todays choice will be: Du Hast – Rammstein.

Rob – The Foo Fighters catalogue is just crammed full of tracks to play loudly, Monkey Wrench, Learn to Fly, The Pretender, the list goes on. But I can only choose one, and rules are rules! So I’ll go with: Times Like These – Foo Fighters.

Day Six (6th March 2023)

Tom – I’m no dancer, I’d go as far as to say I have no feet let alone two left ones. I’ve got fond memories of spilling oil on the floor of the Three Hammers kitchen and ‘dancing’ to Clubland Classics. With that in mind, I give you: E – Drunkenmunky.

Rob – Great memories of working at the pub in my late teens and going into town or the clubs to jump around like an idiot to this kind of stuff. There isn’t a track that I can pin point as THE one from back then. But this one does kind of personify that time. We all danced (I use that term loosely here) to this one when it came on: I Predict a Riot – Kaiser Chiefs.

Day Seven (7th March 2023)

Tom – Certainly not the William Tell Overture – it ends up a little bit like the scene in Blast From the Past. For this, I choose the classic: Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen.

Rob – The now so called ‘Classic Rock’ is in my opinion, the driving genre. This one is one of my favourites: (Don’t Fear) The Reaper – Blue Öyster Cult.

Day Eight (8th March 2023)

Tom – I was introduced to The Wildhearts in my early teens and boy was that a good move by my brother. One of my favourite songs came from the album Fishing for Luckies and it fits this perfectly: Sick of Drugs – The Wildhearts.

Rob – Louis makes powerful and real music. The Morland EP and the Popham EP are fantastic in my opinion. Maybe not let the little ones listen to this unless you want to be answering a whole lot of questions: Regretamine – Louis Dunford.

Day Nine (9th March 2023)

Tom – Funny story, my little girl likes to pretend she hates this song when really, we can see her bopping along to it. I give you..: Star Trekkin’ – The Firm.

Rob – Trying to figure out exactly who is who’s child/brother/sister/uncle/mother in this song has long illuded my Dad and I. Just when you think you understand it, you lose it again: I’m My Own Grandpa – Willie Nelson.

Day Ten (10th March 2023)

Tom – There aren’t many songs that make me sad, I’m not sure I’ve ever truly associated music with that emotion. I remember hearing this for the first time in ER, it was moving and stuck with me: Good Riddance (Time of your Life) – Green Day.

Rob – Louis makes his return in another day of my song challenge. The sadness of this song comes two fold. One from personal experiences and the other that men need to lose the stigma of talking about their feelings to one another. Listen to this one: Boys Do Cry – Louis Dunford.

Day Eleven (11th March 2023)

Tom – Jumping in to iTunes, I can organise the songs by the number of times played. The most played track for me was: Ashes to Ashes – Faith No More.

Rob – I mean, come on. Who can get tired of this song: Fuck Her Gently – Tenacious D.

Day Twelve (12th March 2023)

Tom – God, now this is a hard question. I grew up listening to music from the 50s and 60s but for this choice, I went for one of the last films I remember before becoming a Teen. I still listen to it today and it makes me smile as does the film: You’ve got a friend in me – Toy Story.

Rob – My Pre Teens… so what, the 90’s? If this was what’s one of your favourite songs that I’d choose now, it would have been Smells Like Teen Spirit or Enter the Sandman. But I don’t think I was actually into that at that time. I’m going to have to shame myself slightly here and be completely honest. I loved the Spice Girls. There I said it… phew, glad that’s off my chest. Heres a random Spice Girls Song: Wannabe – Spice Girls.

Day Thirteen (13th March 2023)

Tom – I expected this to be a lot tougher as I’m really just not that much fan of the 70s. Then, I found out that this absolute top tune came out in 1975. Enough said: Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen.

Rob – There is an amazing YouTube video of these guys singing this live. Cleary all incredibly intoxicated with god knows what. But even so, such amazing talent: Carry Me, Carrie – Dr Hook and the Medicine Show.

Day Fouteen (14th March 2023)

Tom – I actually got married although thanks to COVID, we didn’t get to do it the way we initially planned. We ended up with a much smaller event (it turns out we both wanted this but thought the other wanted bigger!) and just used some classical music provided by the registry office. If we had thought about it, we would have had: Stand By Me – Ben E King.

Rob – Well I’m already married and this was our first dance, so this one was easy: Rule the World – Take That.

Day Fifteen (15th March 2023)

Tom – Well Rob is a bit of an arse as he got on to this post first and stole my song.. It’s fine, I’m not throwing my toys out the pram at all. I’m going to go with Me First and the Gimme Gimmes this time as their punk covers are brilliant: Believe (Cher) – Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.

Rob – I was quite late to the party at finding out how awesome Disturbed are. David Draiman has an amazing voice: The Sound of Silence – Disturbed.

Day Sixteen (16th March 2023)

Tom – Well I’ve already used Bohemian Rhapsody which is pretty damn classic, I guess we’ll have to go with: Basket Case – Green Day.

Rob – Not sure what they are defining as a ‘classic’ here. But a true favourite of mine has got to be: Tribute – Tenacious D.

Day Seventeen (17th March 2023)

Tom – I hate Karaoke, I can’t sing and get horribly embarrassed very easily. The only time I did actually stand up and sing was back when I was 20 so I guess, I’ll just choose that song: Everybody Needs Somebody – The Blues Brothers.

Rob – This is a terrible song I was always roped into singing at karaoke. Not sure why, I don’t even really like it, but there we are: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble – PJ and Duncan.

Day Eighteen (18th March 2023)

Tom – 1984, an even better year than 1985 in my opinion.. I absolutely adore Twisted Sister and always break out their Christmas album come the season. Seeing that they released one of their most known songs the year of my birth, it would be rude not to go with it: I Wanna Rock – Twister Sister.

Rob – 1985. Great year, wonderful year, some would say the best year. This was the song played when you pressed the demo button on an old keyboard we had when we were kids: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go – Wham!

Day Nineteen (19th March 2023)

Tom – It’s stupid, I like toast: Life – Des’ree.

Rob – Listening to this song is enough to know why I’ve chosen it: Live Like You Were Dying – Tim McGraw.

Day Twenty (20th March)

Tom – Now this is a difficult one as I never really associate music to the meanings of life etc. Looking at it now though, I realise that music plays a great part in identifying how I feel. As somber as it is, I’ll go with: Bridge over troubled water – Simon & Garfunkel.

Rob – I’m taking this one quite literally. I had no idea that this song was about, what it’s about, until Dan (3 Dads 1 Pod) told me. Quite some time after it was released. Fun Fact, ‘Permission to Land’ is one of favourite albums. Another fun fact, was I had that album recorded to my Xbox hard drive so I could listen to it on the custom radio station on GTA: Vice City: Growing On Me – The Darkness.

Day Twenty-one (21st March)

Tom – The Kinks have been around since the 60s and damn they had some absolutely bangers. Someone once told me they are one of very few bands that have had a hit every decade up until recently, not sure that’s true but if it is, awesome. Anyway: Victoria – The Kinks.

Rob – Miracle of Sound is absolutely bloody brilliant. He mostly does metal songs based on Games and sometimes TV or Films. But his 2015 metal album ‘Metal Up’ is a must listen if you like metal music: Sirona – Miracle of Sound.

Day Twenty-two (22nd March)

Tom – John Williams is possibly the best composer ever, I would go as far as to say that he is wasted on film music. Todays choice is not just the amazing track but how it changes up towards the end, bringing you a feeling of power. Superman March – John Williams

Rob – Heard this for the first time on Americas version on The Masked Singer. Something about it just makes me feel like even when things are crap, they will always get better: Rainbow – Kacey Musgraves.

Day Twenty-three (23rd March)

Tom – I only discovered this song last week when watching TikTok (sorry). Bizarrely, Rob then told me that it was going to be his day 23 song and you know what, I totally agree with him. The song is powerful, dark but light and will open your eyes. See below for the choice.

Rob – By nature of this challenge, every song listed I think people should have a listen to. Odd one this one, but I guess, um…. This is a wicked song. Watch it with the video on YouTube. You can thank me later: Hi Ren – Ren.

Day Twenty-four (24th March)

Tom – I still remember when I saw the news article, a colleague sent it to my e-mail and shouted for me to read it. That afternoon we went to the pub with our manager and drank Jack Daniels to Dimebag Darrell who was shot to death on stage. The song I’m going with: The Art of Shredding – Pantera.

Rob – Oasis. Wish I’d got to see them live: Little By Little – Oasis.

Day Twenty-five (25th March)

Tom – Gosh, I could have done Pantera today instead of yesterday but it’s fine.. If I had a chance to time travel and see Queen with Freddie Mercury, I would. Song choice: Under Pressure – Queen.

Rob – Easy choice, but I’d rather this wasn’t availble: Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana.

Day Twenty-six (26th March)

Tom – Well, I’ve gone and done that falling in love thing already so don’t really need a song for it. What I will do is go with: It must be love – Madness.

Rob – Makes me want to fall in love? Stupid. This song always reminds me of my wife: Zanarkand – Nobuo Uematsu.

Day Twenty-seven (27th March)

Tom – Don’t wanna close my eyes…. Joke. I wouldn’t say this song breaks my heart but it does make you think and gets right up in your brain in a way that makes you respect everything you have: Everybody’s free (to wear Sunscreen) – Baz Luhrman

Rob – I’m a bit of a wimp, so a lot of songs make my heart break, but this one does especially: How Do I Say Goodbye – Dean Lewis.

Day Twenty-eight (28th March)

Tom – I’ve always loved this song including the Simpsons joke version at the end of an episode. What makes it more exciting is I love the same song by three various artists. I therefore choose: Sound of Silence – Puddles Pity Party

Rob – Almost all the artists I’ve listed have a voice that I love. But George wins: Green Green Grass – Geroge Ezra

Day Twenty-nine (29th March)

Tom – I was relentlessly bullied for liking 50s and 60s music growing up. Even though it made me miserable, it never ruined my love for the music which is why I choose: Revellie Rock – Johnny & The Hurricanes

Rob – My dad let me have a cassette called Hits of the 60’s. I used to play it on repeat all the time. I loved it so much I’d play it to help me fall asleep. There are some really cool songs on there, but this one I remember the clearest. So clear infact I sing this song to my son and play a little game of whispering secrets to him. For some extra fun, I’ve made a playlist of that exact cassette tape if you’d like to hear it: Do You Wanna Know a Secret – Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas

Day Thirty (30th March)

Tom – Oh man, there are so many problems with this question. I’m complex, OK? This song could change everyday based on how I feel so you can understand how hard that would be. I’ll go for: The Middle – Jimmy Eat World

Rob – I have not got a clue for this one. I think I’d rather pick a song that reminds me of my boy. I used to hum this to him when he was tiny: Zelda’s Lullaby – Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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