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The Channel 84 Variety Show Podcast
Join Rob and Tom as they travel through various topics of conversation. Often exploring the retro side of things, the boys also do taste tests, parenting talk, quizzes and so much more. We’re bringing variety back with every episode.

New Episodes released every other Monday.

Brilliant episode. I don’t have a long slot, but now I think I need one 😆

Karen Chesters – GoodPods Review

Untitled Trek Show Podcast
Tom and Rob go where no man has gone before – Adult Trek discussion! Whether it’s a deep dive on ‘What Would Janeway Do’ (mostly Genocide) or ‘Where does all the moisture go on Holodecks’, Trek fan or not, you’ll be entertained.

New Episodes released every Other Monday.

Guys I want to give this 10 stars! Fantastic editing for the end scene and amazing easter eggs!! Top notch

Who takes the socks off Podcast – GoodPods Review

Blog Posts
When the Microphones aren’t live, Rob and Tom occasionally put pen to paper or in this case, fingers to the Keyboard. Head over to the Blog Posts page to see our latest articles.

Thanks for this. I lovely Mr Blobby as a kid for his anarchic antics and I still do to be honest. He’s an agent of chaos.

Leyton Jay – Mr Blobby 1992 Annual

Sometimes, just sometimes the boys get in front of the camera and put up parts from the Podcast, original skits or just random things on to the popular video platform. More details can be found under links.

By ‘eck Tom. I audibly reacted to some of your music choices, a stellar list.

Assignable Jack – Episode 23 on YouTube Music