Tue. May 28th, 2024

Scores: Do You Remember?

In the new segment of the show, Tom and Rob see if they have thought of obscure things in the past year (it’s different enough to the Hamish and Andy show, honest). Each time the opponent says ‘no, I didn’t think of that in a year’ then a point is awarded.

Listeners can also join in but it requires both Rob and Tom not to remember! Check out their scores below the main table.

Ep. NoTomScoreRobScore
3Good Charlotte1Nintendo Gameboy Camera0
4Usbourne: My First 1000 Words1Werebears2
5Pogs: The Game0Lava Lamps0
6Catz (PC Game)0Scalextric1
7Chucklevision0Hero Gladiators0
8Old English Money (Big coins)1Mighty Max Playset0
9Sega Lock-On1Guest House Paradiso1
10TMNT Temporary Tattoos1Shooting Stars1
11Char-G1Rainbow Go Gyro1
12The Ultimate Cheat Book Games Master0Manta Force Sting Ray0
13Red Dwarf Smegazine0Shock Tanks1
14Dark Forces0Xbox Kinect0
15Data Banks / Personal Organisers1Fruit Polos0
16Space Precinct0Alien Egg Toy0
Ep. NoListener and ItemWin or Lose?
12Karen – Rude Dogs and the DweebsWin
13Karen – Gloworm BugLose
14Sam (KRP) – Romantica Ice Cream from WallsWin
14Mr Court – Rock LordsLose
15Karen – The Story Teller (Jim Henson)Win
15Sam (KRP) – Looney Toons Walkers CrispsLose
16Sam (KRP) – Euro 96 Cereal ToyLose