Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Who Takes The Socks Off?

Who Takes the Socks Off is a comedy discussion podcast borne out of bizarre early-morning conversations between Simon and Thomas. They wanted to answer the questions in life that most people wouldn’t even think to ask.

After much discussion and a metric-shit-tonne of procrastination the podcast launched in 2021, originally featuring 3 questions per episode and hosted by a number of different people as participants were featured on a round robin basis.

The podcast as it is now though really only came about with Season 2. A number of the original members fell by the way side, Simon introduced Andy into the mix and the episodes began concentrating on a single topic. I mean, “concentrated on” is a stretch given the tangents that are regularly pursued!

With Ross at the helm and new games and features being thrown in for good measure, the podcast is going from strength to strength; regularly featuring in the top spot for humour podcasts on the Goodpods charts.

So, If you enjoy shows like QI or No Such Thing as a Fish and want an alternative where the truth is important, but the random banter is more so; Who Takes the Socks Off is the podcast for you. 

Educational? … Occasionally. 
Irreverent? … Usually. 
Random? … Always!