Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Meet your Network Hosts

All our hosts have different backgrounds, why not check them out below and find out a little more about who you listen to.

Co-Host of The Variety Show and Untitled Trek Show
Having tried everything from YouTube to Blog writing, TJ eventually settled with making podcasts with his longtime friend Rob. if you find something nostalgic from the 80s or 90s then TJ will probably be interested. Star Trek is a huge passion of his along with most things Science Fiction. Finally, he is a devoted Husband and, Dad to two kids who make his mad world complete.
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Co-Host of The Variety Show and Untitled Trek Show
When not dodging Romulan disruptors or negotiating peace treaties with Tribbles, you’ll find him spending time with his family, walking his dogs, placating to the every need of his cat overlords, or writing nonsense Star Trek sketches. When approached by long time friend Tom to better aim his creative energies, he jumped at the chance.
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Co-Host of Lightly Used and the Patron Saint of Podcasts
Karen is best known as Admiral Chesters and the Patron Saint of Studio:Channel84. She parasocially attached herself to Tom and Rob, or should that be parasitically, and has now successfully worked her way into officially supporting and occasionally co-hosting the Variety Show and Untitled Trek Show. An aspiring children's author, working in the NHS, Karen is now embarking on a journey into co-hosting her own pod "Lightly Used". All things fun, daft, crafty, spooky, nostalgic and sci-fi. Sometimes a little Welsh, sometimes a little English. The accent changes with the energy!
Co-Host of Lightly Used and USS Shitshow Ensign
After making podcasts before they were popular or a 'thing', I figured I'd give it another go about 20 years later.
Host of Who Takes The Socks Off? Podcast
Simon "The Pedant" is old. His children often refer to the Big Bang as "One of Dad's farts" and along with Thomas he's the driving force behind the Who Takes the Socks Off podcast. Professional procrastinator, part time nerd, full time pedant (as long as it's in regards to other people's work), book addict (buying, more than reading) and unpaid cat whisperer, he loves nothing more than supporting other indie podcasts, which is how he met TJ, Rob, Karen & Adam in the first place. When he's not podding (yes that's a word) he's with family or friends, usually drinking or cooking.
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TRUE Host of Who Takes The Socks Off? Podcast
This sweary guy is the least prepared host in podcast history, yet still manages to piece together a passable performance each episode. When avoiding Simon's questions about the podcast, Ross can be spotted in the gym, kitchen or making the teas.